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#SaraReads: Essay- If I could choose to be anyone for a day..

Sara reads stories for kids by young writer Arzoo Gurgaon Bookosmia


If I could choose to be another person for a day, I would choose to be the CEO of the world’s most famous fast food joint. Oh, you ask why? Isn’t it obvious? I want free food. Ok, here is how I imagine it would go. 

I’ll wake up, have my company’s much loved hot cakes for breakfast. Oh and in bed. Then, I would get ready and go to work. There I would go to my special kitchen where we experiment to come up with new foods. The aim would be to come up with at least three new dishes. 

For lunch I would (while wearing a mask) go to one of my outlets and order some iced tea and chicken nuggets.

 After that I’ll sit in my office, and play a card game online. Suddenly I’ll see a long line right outside my office. Who are these people? And why are they dressed like they’re about to fire me?,I will shiver. I thought that the best part of being CEO was that no one would threaten me. Oh, and free food, at least I’ve got that…. 

Then the queries will start – is our food healthy, is it prepared with the best ingredients? Why are some of our restaurants not successful? 

I will probably slip down my chair and hide. Maybe being the CEO of a fast food joint isn’t as rewarding as I thought it would be.

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