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Ananya R S

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River, my friend! Story #WorldRiversDay

Read with Sara World Rivers Day stories for kids by kids Bookosmia

If rivers would talk to me, I would be the happiest child in the world. Rivers are most silent.


The sound of the river makes me happy. Whenever I am sad, I play the river sound on the phone. If it could talk to me, I would be there, listening, day and night.

Suddenly I feel like I have a friend who I can share my feelings with.


One day I woke up in the morning and went for a walk at 5 am. It was a  pleasant morning. I was walking by a river. Suddenly someone called my name.  I looked around. Nobody was there! I was confused. I wondered for a second,  “Would the river call my name?”


Yes! It was the river.


I was amazed.


I felt like screaming with joy.


Suddenly it grabbed me into the water. Oh my goodness. I could breathe  underwater. It told me so many funny things.

I wondered if the river listened to my poem which I wrote yesterday and God gave it life. Fishes were running around my body and tickling me.


It gave me a purple shell and said that if I have it, we will be friends forever. I  kept that shell in my hands. My new nature friend and I swam all day.

It even  bowed to me and I bowed back.

We did a lot of crazy things. We played, we danced, we sang with the fish. I was having a lot of fun. Suddenly I woke up. Was it all a dream?

Then I felt something was in my hand. There was a purple shell! I was so happy then. I have stored the shell in a beautiful sea box.


Many days later, when I was playing cricket with my friends, the ball went
into the river. Since I did not catch the ball in the first place, I was to bring it back. I agreed and walked to the river. When I looked into the river, I was amazed and I jumped into the river. I swam for one hour and promised to the river I will come see it every day.



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  1. Amazing , what an imagination you have….fantastic story love to read…continue your friendship with river…Goodluck

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