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‘Sparrows, please come back!’ by 7 year old Darshali Agarwal from Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Nature with Sara sparrows Bookosmia

Nature with Sara activities for kids BookosmiaHey, your friend Sara here! I am amazed by the flow of your entries to our ‘Nature with Sara’ section. Thanks  to all young writers for sharing some love for birds and butterflies!


Today I am excited to share this earnest write up accompanied by some lovely art work by Darshali from Rajasthan. Do not miss the cool facts on sparrows that follow!
Nature with Sara sparrow stories for kids by kids Darshali Bhilwara
Darshali Agarwal is 7 years old and a student of Grade 2 student at Witty international school, Bhilwara, Rajasthan.
I really love sparrows as they are house birds, who awake me with their  chirping.
They come all together when I spread grains for them and spread joy.
I have a soft corner for them as they are now not seen as often.
Through this artwork, I want to spread a message to save birds,  save sparrows. Nature with Sara sparrows Bookosmia
They are part of our nature’s balance and it’s beauty.
Hey, Sara here again. Did you enjoy that heartfelt write up? How about some some cool facts about sparrows and myth busters, shared by Subhadra Devi, a passionate birder.
Cool Fact#1 : House sparrows are NOT going extinct
If you live in an urban area you might feel that sparrows have disappeared from the neighbourhood and if you are a child you might have never seen one  near your house. But it is not true that sparrows are going extinct. They have  been gradually disappearing from cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi,  Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. Sparrows are seen in all other parts of the country in good numbers, so the bird is of ‘Low Conservation’ concern. A recently published report,’ State of India’s Birds’ states that the species has been ‘fairly stable’ overall, during the past 25 years and more.  According to the survey, popular theory that radiation from mobile towers is hurting the House Sparrow is not supported by any evidence.
Nature with Sara Sparrow stories for kids by kids Bookosmia
Cool Fact#2 : House sparrows are seen almost all over the world.
It is found throughout Northern Africa, Europe, the Americas and much of Asia and is almost certainly more abundant than humans.

Cool Fact#3: Domestic cats are one of the main predators of House sparrows.

If both sparrow parents die for some reason, the intensive begging sounds of the chicks often attract replacement parents which feed them until they can sustain themselves.


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