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Recycle Water | Poem by Krisha,13, Delhi

Stop and listen to the environment. It’s time to listen to different opinions so we can conserve water, writes 13-year-old Krisha from Delhi.
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Recycle water- Let’s listen to different ideas
What goes up, does come down
That’s nature rule
Evaporation,precipitation, condensation,
Is the fuel.
Try to understand, be it profound.
It goes up in the name of evaporation,
Forms clouds as condensation,
Comes down as precipitation,
Circular it is, never forget to mention.
It proves the point pretty much,
That the water gods of this world,
Love the point of recycling,
And thats why it is important for us embrace it too.
Let’s take steps as humans
To keep water clean
Let’s listen to different ideas,
Let’s not be mean.

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