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My Best Day:Welcoming a new baby| Blog by Riddhima,11, Surat

What was your best day ever? 11-year-old Riddhima from Surat, shares in this blog about her best day that is sure to win all hearts!

Idiom Story with Sara on Baby sister by young writer Bookosmia

It was a bright morning when I woke up. My mom gave me bread, butter and milk for breakfast. I studied for sometime then I went to visit a temple with my father. Whenever I went to the temple, I wished for a little brother since I had nobody to play with me.

After a few days, my father and mother went to the hospital. They said they need to speak with me. I was very scared as I did not know what they wanted to tell me.

Then my father gave me a hint saying wasn’t I asking for something from God? I didn’t really understand what he was saying. A few weeks later, I came to know that I was going to be a big sister! I was so excited.

Finally, the much-awaited day arrived and God gave me a little brother. It was the best day ever, even more exciting than my birthday.

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