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‘Who is the best cousin?’ An adorable story by 6 year old Bookosmian from Ahmedabad

As everyday Rohan and Ronnie came fighting from school, their grandmother jokingly gave them an idea to arrange a mega cousin competition.

This way they would at least have a reason to fight. Their grandmother  arranged the competition with three rounds and different categories.


So the first round was about physical strength and it was won by Ronnie because she was strong. She always ate her vegetables and fruits.


The second round winner was Rohan because he was cute and the second round was about cuteness.


The third round was about teamwork and that is why Ronnie and Rohan, both won. They had to co- operate otherwise the task would not have been completed. They understood their Grandmother’s plan and they laughed.


Ronnie and Rohan decided not to fight again.


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