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‘Tea with a Dinosaur’ Poem by an 8 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai

dinosaur poem for kids Bookosmia

One day, somebody invited me to tea.

Why me, why me, why me, why me?

I was planning to go to my friend’s house today.

But I’ll go to meet that person, anyway.

As I walked there, I saw a foot.

Oh gosh! It was larger than a coat and a boot!

Now I knew there was something bad ahead.

I must really take very good care!

Then, I saw a lovely big house.

Gladly there wasn’t even a single louse.

I knew this was a lovely place for tea.

I was so glad the person invited, was me.

But out came a dinosaur hallooing.

She said, “Come and eat my lovely pudding.”

I tasted the pudding and it was yum.

But not enough to fill my tum.

She gave me tea from her pot.

And bread and butter on toast – she gave me a lot.

She gave me some jelly which I loved to wobble.

And eat all of it without a single gobble.

Then she gave me a large cake.

It was all for me to take.

It was also very yum.

So I packaged it for me and my mum.

I really loved the dinosaur, Mrs. Hallooing.

That really must be a ‘dinosaurish’ thing.


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