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Read with Sara: Story- No, I am not doing my homework

Read with Sara stories for kids by young writer Joann Soares Ahmedabad Bookosmia

Mother: Chintu, do your homework.

Chintu: It is Sunday, I am not doing my homework. I am free.


Father: Chintu, go for a bath.

Chintu: I got hurt. If I have bath, my wound will hurt more.


Grandmother: Chintu, take care of the baby.

Chintu: But grandma, she is gone to play with her friends.


Grandfather: Chintu, wash your hands.

Chintu: No grandpa, no washing hands. I am free.


Chintu : Mom, Dad I am hungry. Please give me something.

Mother and Father: Today is Sunday. We are free. No lunch.


Everyone laughed. But from there on, Chintu didn’t answer like that. He  obeyed his elders.

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