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Read with Sara: Essay- Happy lockdown bday to me

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One beautiful morning, it was sunny. I was very excited because…… It was my birthday. Yeah!


But then I realized we were under lockdown. I was thinking that I will get a lots of gifts. But none of my friends had even wished me, forget about giving any gifts.

I was very upset.


Just then, the bell rang. I opened the door. There was a gigantic box and I was  petrified! I shouted asking who had kept the box here. But no one answered. I called my mom.My mom was also scared. We kept thinking if we should open or  not ,yes-no-yes. Finally we opened the box with curiosity. HURRAY!!! We  saw ample gifts and balloons packed with colorful gift hampers. YAY!

I started dancing with my mom. I caught glimpses of every type of gift, gigantic and compact. Joyfully I opened all my gifts. I saw cars,bike,board  games like chess,business,toys like helicopter, binocular, books of Geronimo Stilton, photo frames with my friends and family.

At last, I saw a beautiful, delectable CAKE. I was unable to see anybody over  there. So we looked around the house. Then I found my friends below the staircase. We came back in altogether dancing. I cut the cake. We all ate it. My  mom ordered food from outside. Then we played games, did several activities and danced a lot.After that we were worn out, so we all took a cat  nap.


When we woke up, we had shakes then we played drum charades, musical
chair. After that we went downstairs, played chain-tag, cricket. At last we were
exhausted. My mom got wonderful return gifts for all my friends- a set of tiffin box and water bottle for each friend.We all were very thrilled.


It was the best birthday in my LIFE. I enjoyed to fullest! GREAT FUN!


Happy birthday to me.

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