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Read with Sara: Story- Now is the time for some magic

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This is the first time in my life that my entire family is staying at home, for more than 40 days without going anywhere!

One day we cleaned our home. My father was cleaning his old trunk box of my great grandfather. In that I found a lamp with heavy dust on it. I was about to to clean the dust, but suddenly the lamp began to talk.

The lamp said,”I am a magic lamp and I will give you three chances to satisfy your wishes.”

I was surprised but I did’t believe the lamp. So, I wanted to check it.
Playfully I asked the lamp to give me my favourite sweet. To my surprise hundreds of laddus came in my plate.

Second very cleverly, I asked the lamp to give me a magic pencil to write all types of answers without mistakes. Surprisingly I got a pencil too.

I realized I had only one last chance so I wanted to do something good for people and for the world.

So, I requested the lamp to clear out Covid 19. It happened!

Now the entire world has reopened. Tomorrow I am going to school and attend my phonics class with great joy.

All is well!

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