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The Drama of One Rainy Day- Read Story With Sara

It was a bright and sunny day and I found myself standing on my balcony  window admiring the beauty outside. I could see the bright blazing sun rays  that nearly scorched my eyes as I looked at them. There was a gentle warm  breeze outside as I opened the window to let in some fresh air. It felt like a  beautiful summer morning! Even though it was mid July and the weather guy  on TV had predicted a cloudy day and a huge thunderstorm in the morning, but here I was, staring out the window looking at the squirrels running, and listening to the birds singing a beautiful song in the glorious daylight.

I went back into my house to go for a shower, but as I came out I could hear a light pitter patter of tiny raindrops on my roof. Judging by the weather I had  seen a few minutes ago, I couldnt believe that this could be a slight drizzle. So I assumed that it must have been the irritating pigeon family that lived on  the tree next to our house, and moved on with my daily chores.

A few moments later, I heard a loud crackle of thunder far in the distance and  looked out of my bedroom window only to see that the weather had changed  drastically, the wind was so strong that I could see the tree with the pigeons  was almost about to fall, but luckily it didn’t. The sky was filled with a swarm of  grey and angry clouds ready to burst their tears of anger upon us. And  suddenly I saw a flash of lighting strike in the huge ground a few blocks away  from my house.

I went back in, shivering with fear waiting to see what happens next. The storm lasted for a very long time but eventually subsided. As I went out to my  balcony, I saw that the weather was the same as I had left it before the storm came. There was no wind, no sign of rain, and the sky had cleared up replacing  the grey angry clouds now with white peaceful ones gliding gently through the sky.


I felt overwhelmed by the peacefulness created after that frightening storm  and was glad all my loved ones were safe from the storm and its powerful  bolts of lightning.

The dramatic change in weather also alarmed me, as the weather went from  sudden calmness to a rage of anger and back to its calm and peaceful state of  mind. It reminded me of how similar human nature is to the weather that I had  just experienced. We humans tend to get upset and have a fit for the smallest  of things. Even when our minds are calm and peaceful, we fill them with clouds  of anger and our thoughts make us say or do things that we don’t actually mean. Hurting others and sending our bolts of lightning across causing havoc and alarm amongst all.


We must always remember to stay calm and not to lose our cool even in the   worst possible conditions, keeping in mind that at the end of a storm you will   always see a bright and sunny day.


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