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Anjali Raghave

16 Years

53 Years

Sanskaar Valley School


‘Hitherto’ Read this beautiful poem by a 16 year old Bookosmian from Bhopal

Read with Sara hitherto poem by kids Bookosmia

Sat down today
The winds whispered their sway

The autumn leaves sought solace
And I, above them had found a place

The title in Italic, mind in a daze
A small note fell gently
Eyes in a glaze

The vellichor engulfed
With each texture
I ran my fingers over across the dates

It was then, that I travelled
time and place
The dimensions dreary
yet steady a pace

The canvas changed
From lemon to scarlet
In a few hours emotions ranged

I wept for the drowning sea
The arising rage
Until the desiccated petals
Fell from the last page

By the time I looked up
The opus was over
And so was the day …


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