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Guneev Kaur

15 Years

53 Years

St Joseph's Convent School


‘O books, my buddy!’ A passionate poem by a 14 year old Bookosmian from Jalandhar

Read with Sara poem on books Bookosmia
O book! O book!!
How do you manage to always steal my heart?
Never saying no,
Always there for me, in good times and bad
So I always wait to have you in my hand.
My best friend,
Why don’t you ever fight with me?
I wonder at times, what a fight would have been like
Sometimes you are tall and thin
Sometimes short and heavy
Yet, I love you in every form and way.
You protect me from scolding from mom-dad,
Seeing me with you, they are very glad.
I never like to share you with anyone
Because I know you’re just mine,
Those eyes of yours at the top, invisible to others
But visible to me, make me the happiest
My staunchest old chap
I can never have enough of you.
Always wanting to have more and more
My buddy in loneliness and happiness
Do your ever get tired of me?
You do not just entertain me, but also enlighten me
My power house of knowledge
You’re the only one whose power never goes.
More thanks to Shakespeare and Tagore for jotting so well
For us to enjoy, as we read what they tell.
Your magic really touches me
And I never want to let that magic go away from me
You stick to me so badly
That I never turn the last page gladly!
Shall keep loving you for good.

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