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Cinderella’s slipper| Un-fairy tale by a 12 year old from Kolkata

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One day, a girl named Cinderella was very happy as she was going to the ball.
She had been gifted a pair of glass slippers but Cinderella was not happy with them. They did not look very strong. She was worried that her heels will get broken on the way as it had a crack at the bottom.
Checking the slipper had already made her very late. She stopped wondering about it and started running towards the palace.
The thing she feared the most happened. Her right leg’s heel broke and since the slipper was made of glass, the glass pieces pierced her leg and made it bleed.
Cinderella was too sensitive and seeing the cut upset her. She started crying loudly. She was close to the palace and the guards heard her cry. They rushed towards the cries. They saw Cinderella‘s bleeding leg and asked her how did she get the cut but Cinderella did not reply to that. She had other important things to do. She demanded to be taken to the prince. She continued crying aloud. The guards helped her up and took her to the prince. But the prince
was too busy in the ball to notice her.


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