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‘I proudly say my roots are in the farms’ Powerful Poem on Farmer Protests by 14 year old Bookosmian from Jalandhar

farmers protest poem by kids for kids Bookosmia

They didn’t raise their voice
And we called them under privileged
By our own choice

Do you eat food?
Of course, from when you were born
But today you are being unjust
With the ones that provide.
A doctor, a teacher and even a parent,
We need them but not all the time,
A farmer, we just cannot do without.
Directly or indirectly, a farmer is a part of your life
Your growth in some way is his hard work.
In a sense he is no less than your parent.
Our world, our India has chosen to pass a new bill
Helping the high class businessmen to expand
They say it will help
But no! You are not helping
You are snatching..
Someone’s home, someone’s life
Making the poor men strife
If they fight for their basic right.
You don’t face them yourself, as if you are very polite
Instead, revert with water cannons and tear gas
Yet they don’t lose
They don’t give up.
I proudly say my roots are in the farms
Where my forefathers welcomed everyone.
With open arms
Those green fields
With frequent colour change, appeal to me
I feel sad looking at those iron- built faces
Boldly and politely fighting in the capital; farmers of all ages
And even though they are termed terrorists,
They are giving langar to the Police
Because in abundance they possess..
Proudest I feel
Seeing them in zeal
It is not just their fight,
But of the entire nation!
I support the farmers,
The mighty, life-givers.
For they never left us in our needs.

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