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Rain : What is your story? | Blog by Anwita,14, Kolkata

Think rain – what comes to your mind? 14 year-old Anwita writes an essay on the way rain covers and uncovers certain aspects of life.

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The silver droplets falling upon the streets. Translucent tears of angels, often met by people with groans and laughs. The prominent grey clouds providing cover for the birds. The dangerous water that could cause accidents and floods. Rainwater inciting feelings that had been dormant for so long. Alluring rain, entrancing like a woman.

Gazing out of the window and hearing the pitter-patter of raindrops hitting the cement, I realised that I’d been sitting and looking at it for over an hour. But I just couldn’t look away. With their personality switching from melancholy to vivacious, the drops of pearls reminded me of me.

Rain washed away our sorrows but brought forth new thoughts in our minds- thoughts of life, love and adventure. She caused the dogs, cats and beggars to hide themselves below the towering Howrah Bridge. She inspired me to take off my pen cap and take out my worn-out notebook. And then I started writing. I just couldn’t stop. Words flowed out of me like a gushing waterfall. I wrote and wrote, the rain becoming my personal orchestra. When I finished writing, I looked at my work with a sense of pride. I had written a beautiful poem about the rain! I rushed to show it to my mother when lightning streaked across the sky. I stopped in my tracks. I went to the living room and looked out of the window to see another bolt of lightning and hear the faint roar of thunder. A storm was brewing. I decided this was the perfect time to do those “rainy day activities” that my mom always wanted my brother and me to do. I called him and took out a five- hundred-piece puzzle. We spread it across the dining table and began to put it together.

With the rain beating away at the windows, the wind swishing the leaves and lightning streaking the sky, we felt warm and happy inside our house, just laughing out loud while solving our puzzle and enjoying the tea and samosas made by our mother.

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