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8 Years


Christmas gift for a snowman| Story by Srinithi,8, Kolkata

What would be your perfect Christmas gift? 8-year-old Srinithi writes about Santa’s gift to Creamer, a hardworking snowman in Alaska.

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It was the coldest time of the year (which we all know is winter) in Alaska. Pristine white snowflakes were occasionally falling on the eyelashes of a snowman, who was dressed in a blue scarf and a cap, and he was swatting them away irritably. His name was Creamer, and he worked for Santa’s snowman. A clean blanket of snow had fallen from the sky and no footprints had tread on it yet, for it was only 6 a.m. in the morning. A child named Jim had built the snowmen without knowing that they would come alive.

Santa’s snowman had asked Creamer to flatten the snow so that his sleigh could fly off smoothly and give the dear children their neatly wrapped presents which they had so yearned for. There he was, digging away with his shovel and finding twigs in the white carpet. “I’m going to make a sleigh with these twigs,” thought Creamer. As he was tying his bundle up, Santa’s snowman came to check on his progress. When he saw the flat snow, he quickly took out a sparkling gift, wrapped in scarlet paper from his hamper and offered it to Creamer for his dedication. But when Creamer opened it and saw what was inside, he realized that he wouldn’t need his bundle anymore. It was a sleek and polished wooden sleigh! “How nice!” he thought. Creamer rushed to show his new sleigh to his friends, leaving Santa’s snowman chuckling in the snow.

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