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What if Draco Malfoy had a good twin? | Fan Fiction by Aisha,11,Gurgaon

Would you make any changes to your favourite book? 11 year-old Aisha from Gurgaon loves Harry Potter and has a few suggestions for JK Rowling

malfoy harry potter fan fiction

I wouldn’t change anything much in the Harry Potter series, as overall I think J.K. Rowling did a magnificent job. But I would write more about Ginny Weasley. I also feel that Harry should have tried to work harder to learn more about the magical world, as it would certainly be something that helped him get away from the Dursleys.

I still would like to read about Muggles doing magic later in the story. I would create a few more subjects, such as Enchanted Art, where basically you make art but with a magical twist, such as Melodious Mouthing, in which you would sing everything, even a normal sentence that is not part of a song! Wouldn’t that be fun? I would also create another character, Draco Malfoy’s twin brother named Darwin Malfoy, who shares no similarities with Draco. Darwin would be gentle, hardworking (maybe a little too hardworking!), patient and brave. He would be chosen as a member of Hufflepuff by our dear friend, the Sorting Hat. Both the twins would abhor being with each other, and Harry would become great friends with Darwin. Another thing I would add is a funny Granger family situation with Hermione’s parents taking place in the books before school re-opens. That is all I would like to change, I think J.K. Rowling’s imagination is immensely wild, and we all love reading Harry Potter!

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  1. Hey Aisha, ‘Enchanted Arts’ and ‘Melodious Mouthing’ could be so much fun. The character of Darwin Malfoy could be a great addition too. Your suggestions are too good:)

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