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#SaraReads: Poem- My E-School

#SaraReads poem by kids my e school Shreyan

In my e-school
I would have an online friend who is cool
Created using an online tool
To listen to me and my orders would be a rule.

The e-school would be build in Istanbul
In school canteen I would keep only soft drink “Red Bull”
Every student would tell that my principal is super cool.

In the e-school, I would make the students watch a
Marvel movie like Deadpool,
In the children’s choices, I would never be as stubborn as
a mule.

Every technology would be of the company Whirlpool
Every student could make anyone fool
But only on 1 st April when it is the day of April fool
For the gadget’s network signal would be powerful
My e-school would be hysterically cool!

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