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The World I Live In Poem

The world I live in, is so full of wonder,

I often pause, to think and ponder.


The World I Live In Poem









Where do birds learn to build their nest ?

How do ants know when to take rest ?


When the moon is not fully round,

Where can the lost piece be found ?


The World I Live In Poem








Everytime I sneeze, why do I blink ?

Octopus’s blood is, why blue like ink?

How do fireflies talk by flashing light,

And bats don’t feel sleepy all night ?


Why do honeybees die after they sting?

Wonder what makes flowers so amazing!


The World I Live In Poem









How do squirrels find nuts that they hide?

Why lions don’t look the same, even in pride ?


Hummingbirds are the tiniest, yet eat the most,

Does there really exist something called a ghost ?


I guess I should go to the library to read and learn,

That’s where I’ll find the answers that I yearn.


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