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‘Planet Tinantomania attacks Planet Earth’ An adventurous story by 11 year old Bookosmian from Bangalore

War of the planets story by kids Bookosmia

As soon as I woke up, I ran out into the garden to find a huge castle outside my house. I got too scared and screamed and so the door to the castle creaked open. In it, there were millions of tiny people sitting on ants.


I became very very angry and so I called up CBI and told them to conduct a raid on the castle because nobody in the castle showed me their Aadhar cards. I filed a case in the Supreme Court as they built the castle there without the permission of the government. They were very scared because I had filed complaints and so they all started following me everywhere and apologizing to me. It was very irritating and so I called the police and SWAT team. The police conducted a laathi charge on them with sticks that were just about 2 inches long. SWAT team sprayed water everywhere on the tiny people with pipes as thick as my finger.

As I had a lot of sympathy in my heart, I called the vet and got everyone treated. I later talked to them more and found out that the castle was actually their planet which had crashed on earth. they told me that their planet which was called Tinantomania was a very well developed planet and because of a coding error which no one could fix, they crashed on earth.

War of the planets story by kids Bookosmia

As I was a software engineer and programmer, I went through the code and found a few bugs and reprogrammed it to make it proper. Their planet was fixed but as I had expected they were all very bad. They arrested me and took off immediately. As I had programmed it, I had added a hidden red button in all jail cells and only I knew where it was. I clicked on the button and my jail cell turned into a spaceship and ejected. I drove the spaceship all the way back to earth and now here I am writing this story.


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