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Pillow – A friend who comforts | Poem | Bookosmia

pillow poem bookosmia

I sit in the corner and watch you cry,
Wish that I could do something to wipe your eyes dry.

I sit there and wait patiently for you,
To comfort you and say that it’s okay
Only if I knew,
What goes on in your head for you to be this sad,
Nevertheless, you sob into me till I make you glad.

Sweet dreams at night to you I’m glad to give,
Don’t worry, for all your mistakes I’ll blindly forgive.
I’ll be there for you in your gladness and sorrow,
Under your head till the dawn of tomorrow.

I’ll make you smile while you peacefully sleep,
I hope you forgive me for all the nightmares that made you weep.
I’ll shield you from misery and from everything bad,
All your problems, troubles and worries, I will understand.

Life isn’t fair, and I hope that you know,
That I’ll be there for you whenever you feel low.
At the end of the day I am just a pillow,
But I have the power to make your worries diminish to a zero.


I see no difference between me and a knight,
We both take beatings and we both fight.
The only difference is they fight for what is true.
And I sit there under your head and I fight for you.

You may scream, shout and weep into me,
But I’ll dry your tears till you are carefree.
A day might come when you move on and forget me,
But never forget that I brought you glee.

When no one else could,I stood by your side,
And till you hugged me, waited calmly till bedtime.
I may be just a cushion for your comfort,
But remember, all your sorrows into joy I could convert.

I’m just a pillow… I’m just a pillow

16 Responses

  1. It’s a beautiful poem expressing the perfect thoughts a pillow may think …it’s just so beautifully jotted down..great work

  2. This is so thoughtful. We never think about these small objects which are actually giving us so much of peace. This poem makes you thankful towards all these small things which are making our long lives worth living.

  3. It is a pleasure and gives us immense happiness to see your creativity blossom so beautifully.
    We want you to know that we are very proud of you.
    Keep up the great work my Love.
    God bless you

  4. Amazing and so true, a pillow does so much of helping and caring wen in pain,and also comforts the night really, really beautiful n touching

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