Devaansh Kharbanda

15 Years

Amity International School, Noida


Wanderlust: Why do people travel? | Essay | Bookosmia

Why is travel so fascinating? 15 year old Devaansh Kharbanda, a Bookosmian from Noida, wonders in this essay.
He goes to Amity International School, Noida.
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Travelling once a year to your favorite beach makes your entire year worthwhile.


Travelling is an important part of life. There are several reasons why.  Travelling motivates people, brings them new experiences and the desire to keep moving on in life and living. It helps one take a break from their hectic lifestyle. Making a relaxing getaway from your daily routine won’t harm you. The desire to get to know about the varied lifestyle and cultures of the world are also fulfilled. We also do a variety of exotic activities that are peculiar to that location.


People also travel due to educational purposes. When someone visits a new place it refreshes them and motivates them to go on with their regular routine. It’s also a great way to relax and unwind.

To conclude, travelling is essential and helps one relax and recover from their problems. To those who can dream, there’s no place that’s far away!

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