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Growing Up | Poem | Bookosmia

How would you look back at childhood? Prabhgeet Kaur from Kolkata tells us all about it in this beautiful poem.

growing up together poem

Mind courted with work ,
Deep secrets hide in my little smirks .
Shoulder heavy with responsibilities,
As I walk down the lane with doubt on my ability.

They say grow up and do whatever you desire ,
Not money but time is what I require .
But from 9 to 5 , the desk is where i belong ,
But I gotta hold on and stay strong!

I miss it , I miss stealing chocolates from the fridge,
All these old memories give me daily courage .
I miss dancing freely in the rain ,
In my next life I will re-experience it again .

They say step up , it’s time to grow up
All to stay silent , swallow your pride , and pretend to accept you are wrong !
But all because life is hard is not a reason to give up ..up

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