Prayush Kanodia

6 Years

St.Xavier’s Collegiate School


Picnic & The Uninvited Guests| Story by Prayush,6, Kolkata

Oh no who spoilt the perfect picnic? Almost 6-year-old Prayush from Kolkata, tells us about the time he had uninvited guests over.

Picnic story bookosmia kids

It was a hot Sunday morning. My father announced that we will go for a picnic.

My mother and my brother cooked delicious dishes. We bought cakes, chips and cookies.

I helped my father load the things in our red car. We all started playing. After sometime, we were hungry. My mother took out all the food from the basket and we jumped on that.

As I was eating, I heard a squeak. We turned around and saw a troop of monkeys attacking us.

We left the mat, food and games as we were frightened. I was disappointed and wondered how those monkeys must have enjoyed the delicious food.

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