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Harshikaa Khanna

9 Years

53 Years

Sushila Birla Girls School


Pascal, Rapunzel’s pet chameleon| Un-fairy Tales by

Here is a simple yet beautiful write up by 7 year old Harshika Khanna from Kolkata, imagining life as Pasacal, Rapunzel’s pet in this unfairy tale.

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My name is Pascal.

You have seen me. I am the chameleon in the famous story of Rapunzel. I  came into Rapunzel’s life when she saved me from being added to the witches’ potion.


We are best friends ever since.

I love to get entangled in her never ending hair. It was my favourite place to  hide. I had a way of camouflaging myself with the things around me but  Rapunzel always caught me.


Sometimes I would also sneak out of the tower window to fetch wild berries  and flowers from the garden to make paints for Rapunzel.

Read with Sara Rapunzel's Pascal stories for kids, by kids Bookosmia
This was our routine, until the day, a young man named Flynn Rider made his way up the tower.

Everyone knows, he helped Rapunzel to sneak out of the tower but I, being a  loyal friend did not let her go alone. Being outdoors was a little scary but fun as well.

Life seemed very different here.

You all know, Rapunzel was freed from the witches’ clutches and was  welcomed by her parents into the Royal Palace.


Well, it doesn’t end here….

Rapunzel, my best friend took me to the palace with her. I am a part of the  royalty now. The King and Queen presented me with a beautiful ruby crown for my head. I have the most exquisite wardrobe and a beautiful parlour with a  private pond.


Each day, a set of helpers scrub my tail, oil my body and paint  my nails. I am served the best insects from around the world. My private butler takes care of  all my needs.


Over the years, a lot has changed at the palace. They even adopted a few more pets but I still remain my Rapunzel’s favourite pet and her BFF ( that’s a new thing I’ve learnt, they say it sounds COOL)!!


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