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The wizard who collected blessings- Story

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Once upon a time there lived a wizard in a fancy house, in a lovely town.
One day while walking in the town, he saw a man who looked very sad.
The wizard wanted to cheer him up with some magic tricks. The man became  happy after the wizard showed the magic tricks. It was the first time he saw  someone feel so happy by his tricks.
Next day while the wizard was eating breakfast, suddenly an idea struck him.
He came home and made a lot of yummy food using his magic tricks and took it back to the town and started distributing food to people in need!!
This made him so happy.
After some time he went to his bookshelf and took out his spell book. He started reading it and soon fell asleep. He dreamt of creating a magical house  which could fly and land wherever he wished.
When he woke up, he wished his dream would come true someday.
He went ahead with his days, doing something good for people and making them happy. Sometimes he helped people with food, sometimes he cheered people with tricks, sometimes he rescued people in trouble, sometimes he wiped tears of people and made them smile.
And every time he did a good deed, he was blessed, “May all your wishes come true”!!
He used to feel happy with such blessings, while thinking that his only wish was to build a magical house which could fly!! He kept doing good things everyday and sought blessings from many people in town and one fine day his wish came true!!
He woke up in his magical house!!!!!!
He realized he lived in a magical town where people’s blessings come true when we help them in need.
Inspired by the wizard, all people tried to help each other and lived happily in the magical town!



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