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Ooty-The Queen of the Hills| Travel Review by Aaryan,10

Hill-stations and holiday fun! Our published author, 10 year- old Aaryan from Bangalore gives a clear and crisp travel guide to Ooty.

ooty holiday travel kids bookosmia

This year, after my exams were over, everybody at home was equally excited about my holidays. My Achi and Thatha (grandparents) had a surprise trip planned for me. I wasn’t told where I was being taken, so I kept guessing where we were headed to, and it made the journey more exciting.

Slowly I found the route seeming familiar, the weather getting cooler and the path growing curvier. We saw many animals while crossing zone boards, so we were on the edge of our seats eagerly waiting if we could spot any animals, and finally I saw the sign board that said ‘Welcome to Nilgiris — A plastic free zone’. This was Ooty, the queen of the hills! What a fantastic way to start my holidays. Before everything else, we stopped for breakfast and energized ourselves to play tourists in Ooty.

ooty holiday travel blog kids bookosmia

Here are the places we visited and the adventure activities we undertook:


  1. Botanical Gardens —We started our visit with the botanical gardens to witness a variety of flowers and trees. It is a massive garden spread across 55 hectares and the various flowers that are seen here are a delight to the eyes. It is indeed breathtakingly wonderful.

Ooty travel Bookosmia kids

  1. Boating at Lake Pykara — This is one of the most exciting things to do in Ooty. Lake Pykara and Ooty lake have a huge number of boats. We opted for a motor boat and enjoyed the boating, getting a glimpse of the lake’s surreal beauty.
  2. Ooty Rose Garden  – The pride of Ooty lies in the rose garden. It belongs to an elite club of 35 rose gardens around the world. It has more than 20,000 varieties of roses, has been well maintained, and is a must- see place in Ooty.

Ooty travel Bookosmia

  1. The Ooty Chocolate Factory — You can feel the heavy aroma of cocoa beans dissolving all your other senses  when you visit a chocolate factory in Ooty. We learned about the chocolate preparation process, got to taste yummy chocolate sauce and bought some freshly- made chocolate of different flavours to be relished back home.
  2. Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train — We had lunch and headed to the century-old Nilgiri Mountain Railway Station, which is a UNESCO world heritage sight. We visited the rail museum and learnt so much about the trains in India and history. Taking a ride in this mountain train is one of the must do activities in Ooty. It is an adventurous ride amidst Nature’s finest beauty, going through the valley and the amazing tunnels, crossing steep curves, beautiful bridges and the lush green mountain views.
  3. Doddabetta Peak — It is the highest peak in the Nilgiris, at an altitude of 8606 feet. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of nature and has a telescope house to let travelers catch fascinating views of the Nilgiri area. While climbing up and down to this spot from parking we spotted many shops selling woolen clothes, souvenirs and yummy food. We also spotted a food-truck selling Maggi. We shopped for a few goodies and ate yummy Ooty carrots and hot sundal.

Ooty travel kids bookosmia

And then we drove through the pine forests, which were one of my favourite spots. On the way, we crossed the Kothagiri mountains to reach a beautiful resort which my grandparents had booked. The best part about it was that it was a toda themed resort, with the rooms resembling the toda huts. Todas are the local tribes of Ooty and live in bamboo huts with roofs that are semi-barrel shaped and have no windows. The huts have a small entrance and it requires one to bend to enter the hut. Spotting these toda huts in Ooty will definitely be a lifetime experience, as toda tribes are pushed near extinction today.

Next time, I would love to meet people from Toda tribes and learn more about them, as they seem to have a unique culture, in which they worship cattle. They also practised a unique embroidery which has a GI (geographical indication) status and is world famous. I even spotted a  Higginbothams store while we drove around in Ooty. The stay resort was very pleasant.We had a campfire, estate walk, a visit to a teak factory, and many games in the play area, yummy food, wonderful views of nature and we all spent time together as family and played games in the room. Spending time together as a family is a true gift. I hope you all enjoy your holidays with family and friends too!

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  1. Aaryan very nice for sharing your holiday program with grandparents, i am happy to see the pictures and the way you have written it and sharing your excitement with me also

  2. aaryan very nice , thanks for sharing your holiday program with grandparents, I am happy to see the pictures and the way you have written be happy and healthy, always share your excitement with me also

  3. Hi Aryan,

    Summer Vacation is the time for fun and enjoyment. It was great entertainment touring and staying with Grand parents.
    It’s too hot here and Ooty is the best place for Summer vacation.You choosen QUEEN OF HILL STATIONS.Your detailed summary of Ooty is a guide for others .37years back same in the month of Apri i and Ashok tata were stayed in Ooty. So your wonderful description is FLASHBACK SWEET FILM for me.
    Really your summer trip gave us a pleasant feeling.You are awesome GRANDSON.
    All the best for your future plans.

    Your loving,

    Madhura Ajji and Ashok Tata.

  4. Hi Geetha, Aryan is very talented and creative like you, I remembered your childhood days, I am so happy that you are encouraging him,keep it up 👍👏❤️

  5. Thank you Aryan…this is Gagandeep Singh from karnal (haryana)..yesterday was my birthday and you gave me the gift bcoz exploring ooty is my childhood dream…love you Aaryan…God bless you

  6. Hi Aaryan

    You’re so talented.. you took us a trip to Ooty through your story.. keep up the good work n look forward to read many more stories from you .. God bless you!

  7. At the out set I would like to apologise for not Posting my comments immediately on receipt of the message due to abvious reasons.
    Coming to the subject Proper, I really astonished to see the content of Mr Aryan’s Article. I could recollect my sweet memories when I visited Ooty and Kodaikanal a few decades back.
    Mr Aryan very categorically narrated the whole story of his Tour to Ooty in a very opt manner. His sequencing of places visited is exemplary. He has grown much more ahead of his age.
    I would like to attribute this devolopment to his Parents and Grandparents. They have taken keen interest in the around development of Mr Aryan.
    He is a Genius and deserves every encouragement My would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to blooming boy Mr Aryan and I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.
    I Would like to thank Smt Geetha, Sri Vittal Parents of
    BLOOMING BOY Mr Aryan and his grand Parents Smt Vasavi Govindan and Mr Govindan for the proper upbringing of the Child.
    I wish all the best to everyone of them.
    I am eagerly awaiting for the next Article of Mr Aryan which is going to be Published in BOOKOSMIA.
    Till then see you Bye bye.

  8. I recently came across a travel review that completely amazed me and left me in awe of the young author Aaryan’s writing skills. His vivid descriptions and enthusiasm make it an inspiring read that motivated me to plan my own visit to Ooty during my next trip to India.

    As Aaryan begins his story, you can feel his excitement about the surprise trip planned by his grandparents. The anticipation builds up as he guesses the destination, adding an extra layer of thrill to the journey. The familiar route, cooler weather, and curvy paths lead them to the enchanting world of Ooty.

    Aaryan takes us through the remarkable places they visited and the adventurous activities they undertook. The visit to the Ooty Chocolate Factory was a sensory delight, as Aaryan describes the aroma of cocoa beans enveloping the senses.

    Aaryan’s curiosity about the Toda tribes and their customs, such as cattle worship and their renowned embroidery, further highlights his thirst for knowledge and appreciation for different cultures.

    Throughout the trip, Aaryan emphasizes the joy of spending time together as a family, cherishing moments of togetherness and playing games. His heartfelt message encourages us all to value the gift of family and friends during our own holidays.

    I commend Aaryan for his exceptional storytelling skills and ability to transport readers to the mesmerizing world of Ooty through his words. In addition, his passion for travel and his talent for expressing his experiences make him a promising young writer.

    I highly recommend reading “Ooty – The Queen of the Hills” by Aaryan, a travel review that will not only inspire you to visit Ooty but also remind you of the joy and importance of family bonding during your holidays.

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