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Math is here to stay! Funny poem by Jhanvi,11,Mumbai

Mathematics- interesting or mind-numbing? 11 year- old Jhanvi Shah from Mumbai writes a poem about the subject and its different aspects.

time for math essay by kids Bookosmia
Whether you love it or you hate it,
Math is here to stay with.
In Math, you can find out which numbers are prime,
Or how to figure out, what is the time?
You get to learn how to multiply and divide,
And find the perimeter side by side.
Math tells you whether a square is small or big,
It can even help you find the weight of a pig!
In Math, you learn that six minus three, is called subtraction,
And one-sixth is known as a fraction.
Math can help you find how many millilitres are in your cup,
Or what is the age of your pup.
On the number line, there is one number that is a hero,
Surprisingly, that number is  zero!
So, whether you love it or hate it,
Math is important and is always needed to be stayed with.

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