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Vivaan Bhatt

10 Years


A Halloween Adventure | Story by Vivaan,10, Surat

Ghosts- exciting or scary? 10 year-old Vivaan Bhatt from Surat writes a story about a boy named Jack and his meeting with spirits.

Halloween by kids for kids Bookosmia

A long time ago, in the village of Aristo, there lived a little boy named Jack.

His village was full of  wonders, and Jack’s little mind too was full of wonders.  There was a large well in his village which was called the wishing well. There was also a large waterfall next to the village and it was surounded by big, lush and brightly- coloured trees. Jack really loved this village. The villagers believed that whatever a person wished for while standing in front of the well, their wish would come true.  It was rumoured that on Halloween night, exactly at midnight, large and scary Halloween spirits roamed the streets when everyone was asleep. Jack wanted to visit the well as he was curious to meet Halloween spirits.

When Halloween came around finally, he was really excited. On the day of Halloween, Jack had a lot of fun with his friends but on his way back home, fell into a mysterious green hole that appeared out of nowhere. He found himself in a tunnel that was surrounded by trees with chocolates on their branches and trunks full of candy sticks. There he read a banner saying, ‘Welcome to the land of Halloween!’ When he went further, he reached a cave and saw skeletons dancing at its entrance. Scared for his life, Jack screamed for help. The skeletons started running towards him and took him to a rather odd place with them. There he saw different spirits who were searching together for a lost spirit, named Ronny.

With Jack’s help, they found him near the entrance of the tunnel. The spirits thanked Jack and sent him back to his home. He fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed. The next morning, Jack woke up, brushed his teeth and got ready to go to school, thinking all the while of how he would tell his friends about his Halloween adventure.

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