Hritika Agarwal

Best Friend| Poem by Hritika,16, Kolkata

What are the qualities you admire most in your friend? 16 year- old Hritika from Kolkata writes a poem about her best friend.l
the things you do for best friends story for kids by kids read with Sara Bookosmia
There are many things for which I feel blessed,
And in my life, which has both rainbows and rain ,
It’s this friendship of mine which seems the sweetest.
Call it a shoulder to cry on,
Or a person for whom I’d bear all pain,
He’s the one who is with me without thinking of any gain.
Be it anytime of the day,
He is always ready to take me on
He’ll play the Chandler to my Monica,
Will hold my hand and lead me through everything that seems a blur.
Sometimes it feels like we have a silent agreement, he and I-
He knows how much I love him-
(Should I tell him, is it even worth a try?)
The one who wiped my tears away
Is the one who smiles and brightens my day.
No one knows what tomorrow holds for us
But whatever happens, for me he’ll always be a must.
For all I know is, I’d fight everyone, just to have him by my side,
Because all he does is fill my heart with love and pride.
People may show me all of their love,
But nothing will ever be above
My best friend, Keshav!

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