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Prathmesh Chokhani

8 Years

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A City’s Complaint | Poem by Prathmesh,10,Kolkata

If a city could speak, what would it say? 10-year-old Prathmesh from Kolkata writes a reflective poem about this.

Kolkata city poem bookosmia

As a city, my heart is filled with warmth

Seeing glittering quiet bays,

Around me, it’s all peace and silence,

Which I enjoy, after a long day.

My buildings are full of working people,

My skyscrapers are luxurious hotels,

Some people enjoy themselves on my beaches and cruises,

You know, this is the only story I want to tell.

The bridges are the necklace of my beauty,

Electricity and light are my backbones.

Still, I have a hidden dejection,

On many days I feel alone.

The people are selfish and greedy,

Theft and depression are my hidden sorrow.

In my world, there is no equality,

 Even though I shine, I’m hollow.

One Response

  1. This poem beautifully captures the contrast between the external beauty of the city and its internal struggles , showing how the city’s outer splendor hides a deep sense of loneliness and yearning, and can maybe be compared to a person

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