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Reyansh Sinha

10 Years

Blue Bells International School

New Delhi

What’s in a Dream | Poem by Reyansh,10, New Delhi

Do you dream of becoming something when you’re older? 10 year- old Reyansh from New Delhi writes about a boy who wanted to be a singer.

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Once there was a boy,
who sang merrily.
All the other children would gather
to hear him singing happily.

He sang about the rain,
and the cool, refreshing breeze
He sang about the insects,
including the buzzing bees.

He sang about the tree,
which he said was flourishing green.
He sang about the blue sky,
which was painted spotlessly clean.

At the midnight hour, he asked his mother, “Mom, I’ll be a famous singer, won’t I?”
“You definitely will!” she told him, as she dozed off in the night.

The boy was relieved after hearing this,
but what she said became part of history.
Did he become a famous singer?
That is still…and may be forever… a mystery…

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