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Olympic Day-The Struggles That I Overcame| Story by 9 year old from Chennai

Here is a beautiful story by 9 year old Pooja from Chennai with a key message for all of us- Sports is a great leveller and only your talent can help you beat the odds.


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Most of us think that sports is easy, but it is not. There are lots of struggles that every sports person faces. In this story we are going to see a girl who  faced sports related problems.


There was a girl named Afia in Africa. She lived in Kenya. When she was 5 she  started swimming. She also learned wrestling. Her parents were so poor that  she couldn’t go to school. Everyday she walked miles to get water. She was so poor that she didn’t have a proper house to live in.


When she grew up she was very good at sports. She  participated in sports related competitions and won prizes. As she won in all of the levels of swimming she thought of participating in Olympics. She didn’t have money to participate in the trials for Olympics. So, she went to part-time  jobs like washing plates and dishes, housekeeping etc. At last she earned some money.


Then, she participated in the trials and was selected for the Olympics. In the academy she met some rich kids who behaved their worst to her. She cried a lot. Afia was so stressed that she was tempted to take some pills. But then she decided to show her anger in swimming.


She was the best in the practice. The rich kids plotted to send their bodyguards to Africa to take the money and the house from Afia’s parents. One day when she was talking to her parents on her mobile phone and was telling them that she is doing well in her practice, when the door was knocked. Afia could hear on the phone that the bodyguards harassed her parents to give in all their money and vacate the house. Afia started to cry after hearing this. But, she was motivated  by her parents .


On the day of the Olympics competition she won the first prize. She also was  the best at sports. Then she became rich and built a beautiful house for her parents. She also started helping poor people from all over the world. She was also considered as the fastest swimmer in the world.


From this story we know that sometimes life hits us but we have to come over our struggles to become a star which is always shining.



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