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Why Serena is my inspiration| Essay by 13 year old from Chennai

Not only do sports help us stay fit and entertained, many of us observe the players and start looking up to them as our role models. 13 year old Nethra from Chennai, herself a state-level lawn tennis player shares this inspiring essay of how she wants to follow in Serena William’s footsteps

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Essay: Thank you Serena Williams


Sports play an important role in the physical and mental development of a  child. It enhances a child’s character and builds self- confidence. Being involved in sports and games, boosts a child’s personality. I know it because I  have seen it first hand.


I would like to introduce myself as an energetic tennis player. I started playing  the game when I was 8 years old. At that age I was struggling with my physical  fitness and wanted to withdraw from the game. It was at this juncture that two  people motivated me. The first was my mother who made me understand the importance of being tough on myself so I could improve endurance, agility, speed etc . 


The second is Serena Williams, my role model. She needs no introduction. She is known for her powerful style of play on the court. She won 39 grand slams  in doubles and  23 grand slam in singles. Even though she is number one in the sport , as an African American woman, she has to face challenges. 


She has to face racism and is not allowed to express her anger. She has fought for women’s rights is now the symbol of pride in tennis. She even played matches when she was carrying her baby. 


Thanks to Serena, I continued playing and I am now proud to say I am a state  level player in tennis and striving hard to achieve good results in national  events.  


I will strive hard to win many more accolades and work towards the dream of becoming an international player. 

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