Manan Agarwal

6 Years

Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata


Not listening to Mom gets us into trouble| Story by Manan,6, Kolkata

Have you ever felt going back in time to listen to your mom? 6-year-old Manan from Kolkata writes a story about a boy who got into trouble for not listening to his parents.

Planting a mango tree - An unusual puppet story
It was a hot, sunny day. Tom was on his way to school. On the way, there was a huge mango tree. It was laden with delicious mangoes. Tom’s mother plucked one for him. Tom wanted more but his mother said one was enough. Tom wanted to climb up the tree but his mother checked the branch and told him not to as it seemed weak.
After school, as Tom was walking home alone, he saw the same mango tree. He was very hungry. He climbed the tree and started eating the delicious mangoes. Suddenly, he heard a cracking sound. The branch broke off and down came Tom along with it.
Tom had hurt his knees and legs. His mother, who had come looking for him, found him crying. She comforted him, took him home and took care of his hurt.
Tom realized his mistake and said sorry to his mother. He told her he will not make this mistake again.

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