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My Teachers,My Heroes | Poem by Saanvi,9, Bangalore

Who is your favourite teacher? 9-year-old Saanvi from Bangalore considers her teachers her heroes!

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Kishore Sir is very kind with us kids,

but when we trouble him, he has to draw the grid.

Our very own Jini Ma’am is the best,

And she is very modest.

She makes us play a lot of games,

That can really sharpen our brains!

Farida Ma’am makes wonderful PPTs,

Yippee! She gives us a lot of quizzes.

Amreen Ma’am is very kind hearted,

But you should never take her for granted!

She gives us wonderful breaks,

English with her is a piece of cake!

Seema Ma’am gives us a lot of dictation,

And pays us a lot of individual attention.

Sahana Ma’am is fun to learn with,

She has taught us everything, from font size to font width.

Taekwondo sir is super funny,

With his jumping exercises, I feel like a bunny.

Elphin Sir plays wonderful tunes,

When he sings, I am over the moon!

I love to play Atlas with Pooja Ma’am,

She is very smart, kind and I am her fan!

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