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Dr. Binocs Show- I love it| Review by Saiaansh,7, Chandigarh

What’s your favourite channel on YouTube? 7-year-old Saiaansh from Chandigarh loves The Dr. Binocs show and reviews it. Have you seen it?
Dr Binoc Show kids bookosmia

My favourite YouTube channel is ‘The Dr. Binocs Show’. It tells me everything I need to learn. My teacher also sometimes tells us to watch this channel. It tells us about every subject like social science, science, and math. The characters in the show are Dr. Binocs who looks like a pair of binoculars and his friend Kitty.

I love every video of Dr. Binocs. This show is run by Peekaboo Kids. Dr. Binocs explains the topics with colourful animations which makes it more interesting for kids and grown ups also. The videos are full of all kinds of information about living and non-living things. Among all videos my favourite video is “What if you jumped into Lake Natron’. 

I am sure Dr. Binocs show is all kids’ favourite.

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