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New Recipe – A Salmon Pie For The Master | Bookosmia

New recipe - A salmon pie for the master



“I’m hungry, bring me food,”
My master cried out.
And that set off my mood,
As it was my day out!

I turned on the flame,
And I picked up the pan.
Then I thought,
“What should I give this greedy man?”

Should I give him biscuits?
Or should I give him meat?
What will my master think is good to eat?
The truth is, I don’t know how to cook,
A single tasty dish.

Learning to cook,
Would be my last wish.
I want to be honored,
By my master someday!

I can do it today,
There has to be some way!

“I’m still hungry,”
Cried out my master.
“Come on, you lazy fool, Can’t you be a bit faster?”

I’ve seen others,
Baking a sweet dish called pie,
I don’t know if it’s simple or backbreaking,
But why don’t I give it a try?

I got some dough ready,
I put it in a pan,
Then looking for a filling,
Here and there I ran.

My master never buys,
Any jam or sauce.
So, I thought salmon would do,
Even though it goes against the pie laws.

I gave my master the pie,
And he took a big bite,
Right after that,
There was a very unpleasant sight.

“You fool!” shouted my master,
“Don’t work here anymore.”
And with that I was sure,
That there’s no salary anymore.

There goes my job and my pie,
At least, I won’t hear my master shout.
But let’s look at the bright side of things,
Now I can enjoy my day out!


New recipe - A salmon pie for the master



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