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Navika Kharbanda

11 Years

53 Years

Amity International School


Friends- An important ingredient in the recipe of life

If life were a recipe, what would be the most important ingredient? 10 year old Navika Kharbanda, a Bookosmian from Noida has an answer!
Friends essay bookosmia

What does your recipe of life include? Loads of money, creating a successful business or good health? However, have you added the word ‘friend’ to it?

We find friends everywhere in schools, colleges, and every place we spend time in. A road to a friend’s house is never too long. Friends add sweetness and act as motivators during difficult situations in life.

However, there are various kinds of people out there. Some try to support you during times of difficulty, and some are just there to use you when you are successful. It is necessary to choose who you want as your friend.

BFFs are always joined at the hip and are like two peas in a pod. True friends are like diamonds — precious and rare, fake friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere. So, remember to add the word ‘friend’ to your recipe of life.

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