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War Clouds – Peace, rain down on us | Poem | Bookosmia

No war poem bookosmia

When the world blackens out,

When the oceans get parched,

When the lands shrivel,

When the air comes to halt,

Then we plant the seed of love.


When the sun sets over the horizon,

When the terror descends,

When the chandeliers extinguish,

When the matchsticks perish,

Then we search for sparks of hope.


When families and friends drift apart,

When the caprice of fate begins its move,

When prickly horns cover the path,

When life slowly ebbs away,

Then we call for a whisper of happiness.


Late, but better than never,

The seed of love will become a tree,

The sparks of hope will become a fire,

The whisper of happiness will become a zephyr,

Misery will vanish into thin air.

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