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Neptune’s advantage- Poem

Gond Art with Sara Bookosmia

“……… and now begins the race,”
Said Captain Sun.
At once, all the planets
Began to run.

They were running at their top speed,
With frolic and fun.
Moonless Mercury and shining Venus,
These two proud ones were leading
While our own Earth and the rocky Mars,
Were also speeding.

Here comes Jupiter:
With his huge body,
Ran as fast as he could
Without caring about anybody.

Next it was the turn,
Of the ringed planet Saturn.
Then arrived the
The seventh plane, the tired Uranus,
And said,” How can Jupiter
Run faster with such a heavy mass?’

The last one was Neptune,
He came laughing,
As he was very cold,
He was sneezing and coughing.


Mercury smiled and said,”You fool,
And you’re always the last.
Learn from me,
Look I run so fast.”


“You are so cool,” said the exhausted Venus
I am always drenched in sweat.”
Captain Sun warned, ”Be fast Neptune
Next time we’re not going to wait.”

Now remarked the largest planet’
The mighty Jupiter,
“What is the reason
Behind your laughter?”

Replied Neptune, “Though I sneeze,
And catch cold frequently,
Yes, I am always the last
I run slowly,
But I have an advantage
Which you can’t imagine.
Bros and sis, you feel that
You all are fit and fine.

Look, the Universe is so vast
Studded with stars,
Asteroids, comets and meteors,
Some of them are close, some are far.


We all long to enjoy
The divine beauty,
That is brought forth
By the Supreme Entity.


But Alas! Your speed deprives you all
Of such a pleasure.
You are always in a hurry
But I have leisure.

Yes, I am slow,
Still I am blessed.
I relish the charming universe,
And feel less stressed.

My life is happier than yours,
This is clear,
I enjoy my time
With glee and cheer.

Gond Art with Sara Bookosmia

We are grateful to Little Writer’s Studio for helping us not only secure this wonderful poem but also sharing with it the beautiful artwork by Lilesh Kumar, a Gond painter from Madhya Pradesh.


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