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Autobiography of a Harp- Essay

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Hello all, I am a harp!


My strings were made out of twisted animal gut then my strings were attached to my body made of wood  and I was taken to an instrument shop!


Then I was purchased by a man named Rajesh. My daily routine was to sleep  for a major part of the day except for when Rajesh played me. One day in  Kolkata, there was a competition and Rajesh was playing me but then he got  very tired and so the music was slowly turning into weird noises. So I had to do  something, so I loosened my strings and we won an award!


When he gets tired it feels like he is debuting! If you think he is wrong, then do not scold me because he is always scolding me and I do not want anybody else to scold me.

Now we have shifted to Kakinada. My life has settled a lot after coming to  Kakinada! And I am having great fun with other harps and children and now my voice can be recorded on a phone!

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