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‘My Life As A Pet Dog’ Story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Read with Sara Story by Mahit Verma

Hi everyone! I am a brown bulldog born in the woods and as soon as I turned a month old, I was transferred to a pet shop.


As my luck would have it, I was bought by a small boy called Ronan. On his birthday, he bought me as a present for himself. Since I was a present I was decorated with a stylish bow dog collar and as soon as he picked me up I licked him all over, being the affectionate dog that I am!


Ronan believed I was his best gift and I was very proud of that but I think he gave me the best gift – himself and my name ‘Bringo’.


Everyone loved me in the family, especially Ronan, who treated me like his own brother.


Sundays were much awaited as I got to go for longer walks near the river and got more dog treats and scrumptious food. The other days I used to get a drive in the car( but I like open air more and running in the garden )as I went to drop him to school.


Let me tell you all humans are not the same. Some boys used to come kick me and pull my tail at school. I too have my friends at the dog shelter where I am taken weekly and boy do we have a gala time!


All in all life was fantastic. But as they say with the good comes the evil. The date 25th September will be etched in my heart forever.


On that frightful dreaded night, the sky was overcast with dark and misty clouds. The air was blowing in a thunderous form. Nature was at its darkest best. We had stepped out for our evening walk along the river but my fright got the better of me and I jumped onto Ronan’s lap. This led to Ronan skidding over the muddy surface and the next moment my Ronan was gone. The strong river current had sucked him in.


I yelped for help but not a single soul was around. I ran along the river bank but there was no sight of Ronan. The very thought I could lose him forever made me muster courage and splash I was in the middle of the river.


Fighting the current, swimming ahead for miles and miles, braving the storm, I felt I had donned the Iron Man’s suit. At last my prayers was were answered when I saw Ronan holding onto a bushy shrub. I grabbed him by his leg and swam ashore.


Finally we were home. Everyone shrieked with relief and shed happy tears on seeing us. I was gifted a gold made collar for my bravery by the Rescue Academy.


Five years have passed since that day and we have opened a dog training institute where I flash my gold collar as a chief instructor.

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