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‘My Funny Family,’ An Adorable Essay by 12 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

My Funny Family with R S Anandita

My family is completely insane, huge and extremely lovable!! People usually think of us as the noisiest people on earth! I love them so much, more than anything in this universe. Even covid couldn’t stop us from being crazy! I have a bunch of bizarre family stories. 

First and foremost, my most favourite one: Christmas 2012. We had the get together at my grand uncle’s house. We played all the games possible with all my aunts, my mother and my lovable cousins. We had a mouth-watering lunch made by my grand aunt. She seriously makes the best biryani in the world! I was so young when I experienced this wonderful day, yet I still remember every single detail that happened. 

Next comes another happy day. 

This took place in 2019. We met our great grand uncle Percy. I was surprised to see him so fit and fine for his age. I was really glad I was able to meet someone from my great grandpa’s era! We had so much fun. My chithi (aunt) made delicious food. Iniyan, my brother told a completely crazy story of how he broke 100 glasses with his soccer ball. I really couldn’t stop laughing. I also danced for my sisters, Becky, Rachel and Ruth. My sister Becky braided my hair into a French braid which I refused to remove even after I got up from sleep the next day! It was truly beautiful! The thing I always love whenever we have a get together is that everyone tells me I resemble my chithi. That’ll be one of the days I will cherish forever! 

I literally have the best family in the whole world. From day one till now my chithi and my grandaunt-my favourite Santas, my sister-my partner in crime, my father-my entertainment, my mother-my world, my grandparents, grandaunts, granduncles, aunts and uncles-my best friends, my most lovable cousins, my grand aunt-my favourite teacher who taught me values for life are part of this wonderful family. 

Even during the lockdown, thanks to technology, we are having video calls. The craziness continues over video calls as well!

I love my dear, crazy family so much.


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