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Pratichi Satpathy

12 Years

53 Years

Sai International School


Mother Earth| Poem by 14 year old from Bhubaneshwar

11 year old Pratichi Satpathy from Bhubaneshwar shares this heartfelt poem to motivate us to try and save the earth, before it is too late.

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Mother Earth, Mother Earth
You gave birth,
To beautiful nature
And all its creatures.


Dense forests and cascading waterfalls,
Oh Mother! You made them all.
Tall trees, soft grass and tiny plants
Are some of the wonderful boons that you grant.


Air, sunlight and water is all you need,
But we exploit you till you bleed.
You love us till our last breath,
And the reward we give you is nothing but death.


So today I tell you,
We are trying to save you.
We have realized that we were unwise
And caused only your demise.


Today we stand here
United we sing a pledge, so that you hear
And know that we are still there
Ready to love and care.

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