Gunadhar Srivatsa

12 Years

The Foundation School, Bangalore


My Dream Is To Fly | Poem by Gunadhar S.V.,12, Bangalore

Enthralled with the idea of flying? 12-year-old Gunadhar S.V.  from Bangalore writes a poem about reaching heights through the metaphor of flight.

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I believe I can fly.

I believe I can reach the top,

And touch the sky.

I fly in loops, but fall with a plop!

I sleep on the clouds

And feel a gust of wind hit my face

I will I’m in heaven with Clevens,

In deep sleep at eleven’s grace.

I feel like soaring in the sky,

Like the birds soar so high.

I feel I’m an angel that can fly

Shooting arrows of love, with a beautiful smile.

I believe that I can do this

My dream is to accomplish

The deeds of bliss,

Without a leash to guide me like you’d lead a fish.

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