Yohan Menon

11 Years


Midnight Beast | Ode to the Tiger by Yohan, 11, UK

11-year-old, Yohan Menon, from the UK, crafts a poetic ode to the majestic tiger.

Real hero - My grandfather versus a tiger

Piercing teeth shining bright,

Hunting the forest of the night.

Who created this skillful beast?

The one who is stealing everyone’s feast.



Tiger Tiger with fiery eyes,

He captures his prey wherever they lie.

The majestic predator, who is a beast,

Will always love a meaty feast.



Tiger Tiger lurking in the shadows,

His jaws were sharper than arrows.

He will strike with all his might.

And he won’t back off from a fight.



Tiger Tiger, with his razor-sharp claws,

Hiding it behind his innocent, soft paws,

He is a robber who is impossible to see.

He can easily climb tall, tall trees.

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