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Aashi Jain

14 Years

Podar World School


Love Saves Earth | Poem by Aashi, 14, Nagpur

Aashi Jain, a 14-year-old, from Nagpur, believes in love and change, pens a heartfelt poem to save earth.

It’s time to save mother earth

“Love Saves Earth”

The earth does weep,

The oceans mourn.

As the world gives in,

To her scorn.

The land does shiver,

The mountains fall.

Mother Earth,

Avenges them all!

But still, we can

With a hopeful heart,

For the future’s sake

And a brighter part.

Make a change ,

And set things right!

We must act now,

With all our might.

So let us rise,

With a united voice,

To save our planet, our home,

It’s our choice!

For the love we have

And the life we choose

Let us save our planet.

With love and fortitude!

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