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Brave Ballu & the Tiger| Short Story by Viaan, 8, Ambala

A tiger enters a village and a young boy has to think quickly to save the villagers. What does he do? Read this story by 8-year-old Viaan from Ambala to find out. 

Real hero - My grandfather versus a tiger

Brave Ballu : The tiger in the village 


Ballu, a 10-year-old boy, stayed with his family in a village in Uttar Pradesh. He had a younger brother, whose name was Shambhu. Shambhu was seven years old. The brothers studied in a school in the village. They both had hazel-coloured eyes and brown hair.


There was a dense forest near the village where Ballu lived. The forest had lots of pretty flowers and pine trees. Many dangerous animals lived there. Sometimes one heard strange sounds from the forest.


One day, Ballu and Shambhu along with their friends were playing near the jungle. Suddenly, Ballu saw something moving in the bushes on the outskirts of the jungle. He sensed danger. He went closer and saw a tiger hiding in the bushes. He ran back to his friends, and told them about the tiger. Everyone got scared. His little brother Shambhu started to cry in fear. Ballu comforted him and told him to be strong.


Ballu looked around for help, and saw a farmer working in the paddy fields. He ran to him. The farmer told the boy not to worry and to stay away from the jungle. He then went to get help. A huge crowd gathered and everyone started making loud noises. Some lit firelights and waved them around to scare the wild animal. The tiger, hearing the loud noises and seeing the fire, ran away.


The villagers and the children thanked Ballu and praised him for his quick thinking. Ballu and Shambhu then told their mother about the incident. Their mother was very proud of Ballu. She baked a banana cake for both the boys.



Note-This story was written as part of a story writing camp organized by Word Munchers in the month of May for the children (age group- 8-16 years) of the Indian Army. The children were mentored by Word Munchers. The topic was ‘Breathe in Nature’.


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